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HCRTA Participates in Antiques Road Show


May 11, 2016
















At the most recent meeting of the Hendricks County Retired Teachers Association (HCRTA), the guest speaker, Gail Medcalf, spoke about antiques and offered appraisals and comments on numerous articles brought to the meeting by members. Members were excited to share in this “mini” version of an antiques road show.

Medcalf also presented some objects from current inventory at her shop — Avon Antiques, 192 N. Avon Ave. She has focused her inventory on “true” antiques and not new collectibles. She explained that the value of items is often based on the rarity and condition of the item. Determining the value of an item also involves a “hands on” examination, looking for particular markings and gathering a “verbal” history of the piece when possible. She has many holiday pieces in her collections and finds that these old objects often invoke childhood memories from her customers.

Having been in business for about 25 years now, Medcalf became interested in these old pieces when she was introduced to an old log cabin and its contents. As she learned to repair and fix up quality pieces, she started buying antique furniture and furnished her entire home with these unique pieces. Medcalf said one of her areas of expertise involves the rustic Old Hickory Furniture that was made long ago near Martinsville. Many of the pieces in this style were used as props in old television cowboy movies.

Medcalf provided the teachers with a list of her “most wanted” items that she is always looking to acquire. The list included things like old advertising signs, teddy bears, dolls from the 1960s and older, old toys and old pocket watches. One of the teachers had brought an antique pocket watch for her to examine. It was made with three types of gold, was in exquisite condition, and was still working.

The teachers thanked Medcalf for coming and evaluating the numerous items that had been brought to the meeting.

Text Box: SUBMITTED PHOTO ANTIQUES SHOW: Gail Medcalf examines an iron croquet wicket shaped like a man at the Hendricks County Retired Teachers Association Text Box: (Right) Another HUGE LOAD purchased from AVON ANTIQUES!
Photo courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wooden