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Myself, my best friend & her sister put it all together.  We started as a co-op and gradually, I became the sole Owner. 

I pour my heart and soul into the shop.  I enjoy learning about all types of antiques, from a civil war sword to a piece of jewelry and I try to have a well rounded selection.  My personal favorites are rustic items, such as old hickory furniture and things that would look good in a cabin or lodge setting. 

Due to my lack of computer experience, my daughter, Sara has put this website together for me.  I am an old fashioned shop and do things the old fashioned way .  I run a no frills operation, no credit cards are taken, just cash or check.











I bring my best items in the shop and you can be confident you are not looking at merchandise that has been attempted to be sold on eBay or elsewhere.  My customers always come first. 

My name is Gail Medcalf and I started collecting antiques over 30 years ago. 

I learned how to refinish & studied antiques so I could gain lots of knowledge as I truly love collecting myself.  I like the rustic or cabin feel and primitives seem to be another thing that I love so it’s good they blend in nicely together.  I also love old dolls and this is something true to my ‘antique roots’...as I have collected and adored them from the very start.

As most collectors know, pieces of interest seem to grow a bit since first collecting and  learning about antiques.  However, no matter how many I have today...it is the meaning of each item individually that is special to me.  I will always appreciate and be able to relate to beginner collectors so don’t be shy if you have questions on things.  I started the same way.  You will find that one great thing about most people that love antiques, they will share the love and love to share their knowledge with you!  

My love of antiques is what has kept me going no matter what curve ball life has to throw next.  It may not be an extravagant lifestyle but it sure is enough for me.  I can say I do understand it when people talk about having a passion for something.  This is what Avon Antiques is to me and I hope it shines through to every customer who walks in our door. 

About the Owner…

Thank you for taking the time to stop by to visit this site and we hope you come back again soon!

192 North State Road 267

Avon, IN  46123

Phone: 317-272-4842

E-mail: gailmedcalf@yahoo.com

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A “true” antique shop.

Text Box: Pictured here, is my cash register from 1888, which is still in use at Avon Antiques!