If you or someone you know has any of the following items & want IMMEDIATE CASH for them...

Please call me on my mobile @ (757) 375-7956 or in the shop @ (317) 272-4842 and ask for Gail.

(Please note: All items must be antique unless otherwise specified.)


¨ Antique Furniture

¨ Old Teddy Bears

¨ Old Hickory Furniture

¨ Dolls from the 60’s & Older

¨ Toy Trucks, Motorcycles, Cars & Trains

¨ Marbles, Banks, Game Boards

¨ Old Indian Blankets, Baskets Rugs, Artifacts

¨ Old Jewelry

¨ Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches

¨ Buttons & Sewing Items

¨ Antique Holiday Decorations

¨ Crocks & Decorated Stoneware

¨ Old Quilts

¨ Antique Wood Carvings & Paintings

¨ Military Items

¨ Old Post Cards

¨ Fountain Pens

¨ Indy 500 Race Items

¨ Beaded & Mesh Purses

¨ Old Fishing Tackle

¨ Old Class Rings

¨ Gold & Silver of Any Age

¨ Harley Davidson, Indian & Motorcycle Items

¨ Pocket Knives

¨ Canes & Walking Sticks

¨ Clocks


So clean out that attic, basement, garage or drawer!  I buy single items or households.


Please also feel free to let me know if you are looking for something specific to buy or trade! If I don’t have it,

I will try to find it for you!


Contact Us:

Avon Antiques

192 North State Road 267

Avon, IN  46123

Phone: 317-272-4842

E-mail: gailmedcalf@yahoo.com

A “true” antique shop.